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My supermarket is an online shopping platform providing a virtual mall for all of our clients , we have collected our products from some of the finest retailers in Jordan and presented them to you in one platform, My Supermarket LLC provides groceries, vegetables, electronics, households  and more , so all what you need during your shopping is available on My Supermarket, not only giving you the option to compare prices and choose the product that better suits your budget but also we shall deliver it to your doorsteps.

All what you need to do on My Supermarket is create your account, set your address, pick your items, compare prices, order delivery.

And if you have a product that you want to present to our audience you can always rent your mini store on My Supermarket and we shall show it to all of our visitors and yet arrange for its delivery, so juts send us an email to [email protected] and we shall reply to you the soonest.  

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Bldg. 108, Al-Aziz Center, Next to Sinbad Station, Mecca Street, Amman-Jordan


From 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM