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Delivery Policy

What is our delivery policy?

We at My Supermarket make sure that each item or product you chose is selected from the store very carefully and that it is within the best quality.

Orders for fruits and vegetables are always chosen carefully but if you have certain preference for some items, please leave us a comment on the comment section so we can select the item that suits your needs.

All of our items are based on the retailer shelf life and My Supermarket is not responsibility for its expiration date.

Our dedicated customer support agents are always available on email [email protected] or by phone 00962778551818 and they will answer all of your inquiries.

We our own services for delivery and your feedback regarding our drivers is always at our best interests so please inform us if you faced and issues or situations within the delivery process.

Delivery time is between 1.3 – 2 hours depending on the size of your shopping cart so please allow us to serve you as best we could. 

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